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Wow, 4 strangers on the same roll of film! I think that is a record for me! This is Jody, whom I met at the Art on the Street show. She has this amazing fish tattoo on her back that is very elaborate. I learned in a very short amount of time, that Jody is a high school art teacher in Hamilton and went to the Ontario College of Art. She is also dating a friend of mine (news to me… since I am so out of the loop sometimes). Jody also owns one of my mugs!! She told me that one of her former students is one of the local tattooists in our city. How’s that?

Before I forget to mention, I didn’t do a very good wiping job on the negatives following the Photo Flo rinse…..opps.


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Here is Liz, wife of previous stranger Ian. Liz joined our conversation after she had a coffee top up. She was a good sport to help me with the project too. Liz and Ian both proudly talked about their 24 year old son who is a cinematographer . His commercial work is in high demand in Toronto where he is based. They both seemed like nice people and it was a pleasure to meet them.

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100 Strangers Project #73 Shane Philips

While strolling around my local downtown, i fancied a lovely latte at the coffee shop Planet Bean. It just so happens that Planet Bean was selling my mugs and the mugs of two other local potters. I thought I might catch a photo of the promo poster outside. Sitting quite close to the window was this lovely photogenic man. I strode forward and asked him if he wouldn’t mind if I took his portrait for the 100 Strangers Project. He said he was fine with it as long as I didn’t spell his name incorrectly. You can’t see the t-shirt that he had on under his jacket, but it had his name promoting his music. Apparently, the t-shirt company misspelt his name by adding an extra l to Phillips. So he ended up with some free t-shirts. I asked Shane his style of music and described it as having social policital lyrics. He was soon to leave for a three week tour across the US, one of the highlights for him being playing the San Francisco Folk Festival. I was very impressed. I checked out some his music on the u-tube and his voice is just amazing! For fun, I asked Shane to guess which of the mugs from the poster was mine. He laughed and said that he would have to use his special ‘pyschic’ powers…he guessed the right one! Shane was a super nice guy and really has a lovely voice. I hope you will check him out at www.shanephilips.com Find out more about the project and see pictures taken by other photographers at www.100Strangers.com

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I now realize that by taking photos of strangers while wearing a big old camera, makes one rather conspicuous. In addition, I have a bit of a reputation for taking these portraits. So it was almost too easy to get Matty to pose for me because he knows some of my ‘strangers’. Turns out Matt was also volunteering at the ball hockey tournament and is a long time Hillside Festival summer volunteer. Seven years with the summer festival and four years with the Hillside Inside.

I asked him if I would have seen him around the summer festival and he mentioned that it was him who always wears the paper mache sun head. That makes sense now! I had always wondered who that was…..this is Matty P Sunshine!!! It’s nice to know that even though 1,000’s of people attend the Hillside Festival, there are lots and lots of lovely, fun people who make it such a treat.

This picture is #69 in my 100 strangers project. Find out more about the project and see pictures taken by other photographers at www.100Strangers.com

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Now for the scissors…., originally uploaded by BunnySafari.

I shot a whole roll of film, just cause I can. I think this is morphing into a series. Who knows when the time will come when my son tells me not to bring the damn camera with me anymore.

This one will be a challenge to print in the darkroom. Lots of those hotspots. I will have to wait to January to find out.

Til then, I have been happily very busy throwing pots for the crazy buzy season that is already upon us.

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Holy schmokes! I won something! Imagine my surprise when I discovered that I had won the ‘People’s Choice Award’ at this years show. You may be reading this thinking, ‘hang on, Bunny made sure I filled out one of those ballots before I left her booth.’ Just to be clear, I didn’t force anybody or twist their arms or pinch them. Thank YOU for taking the time to fill those out, I really do appreciate it.

The show was so well organized. Lynn and Sonya and the gang of Art Angels did a fantastic job. Big kudos for coming around with the water mister to make sure we were able to get a splash of relief from the humidity. The businesses in downtown Guelph did a great job of making the participants feel special. A loot bag of free art supplies from Wyndham Art, was like getting candy!!!!

It was great to see all of the familiar faces from the market and the community. Meeting so many new people was the highlight of my day. I am sure that my pots are now enjoying their new homes and don’t miss me at all. The best part was watching people’s faces as they got my wacky sense of humor depicted on many of my pots. My “mug shots” were a big hit and I need to make more. People were somewhat confused when they saw my display of reused record covers, they assumed I was selling records…….I was using them to display my necklaces. Interestingly, the one of Barry Manilow kept getting brought to the front, but his doey eyes kept following me around my booth and I had to hide him away. FYI, none of the records were from my personal collection…honest!


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Have you wondered where I went? Did I melt in the last heat wave? Did I jump in the pond and get devoured by the goldfish? No way people. I have been back full time in the studio throwing, trimming, glazing and firing the kiln, all in preparation for the 10th year of The Art On the Street show downtown Guelph. I know Allan will shake his head at the mention that this show has been on for ten years, cause like me, he remembers the old days. Back in the day, the very first show was held in the same square as all of the city buses who would flow in and out every half hour and not only blast you with exhaust but bring ‘tire-kickers’ who were exhausting us while waiting for the next bus. We were the shock troops, the bait, to get people out and visit their downtown. I can happily report that many years later, this show is fabulous and is one of the best advertised juried art shows I have been in. If you live in this city and aren’t aware that it is coming this Saturday, why then you should check your pulse, because you are dead. So many people come to see this show and sale that there isn’t any room for the tire-kickers, they get moved on by those who fully appreciate what we get up to hidden away in our studios.

I will not only have a fabulous selection of pottery on hand, but I will also be showing some of my film photography (yikes!). I have some pieces that I am rather proud of and chuffed to show off. Heck, you may even be the one who buys one to add to your collection! Now don’t be put off by the weather forecast threatening high heat and humidity, there is a beer garden to help!!

My kiln is on its last firing to put some final details on some new work. I can show you a photograph of what they looked like before their bisque firing…….trust me, you will want to see this in person. Oh yes before I forget, I will have some of my film cameras loaded with film all ready to capture some more people for the 100 Strangers project. I only need about 50 more.

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