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Holy schmokes! I won something! Imagine my surprise when I discovered that I had won the ‘People’s Choice Award’ at this years show. You may be reading this thinking, ‘hang on, Bunny made sure I filled out one of those ballots before I left her booth.’ Just to be clear, I didn’t force anybody or twist their arms or pinch them. Thank YOU for taking the time to fill those out, I really do appreciate it.

The show was so well organized. Lynn and Sonya and the gang of Art Angels did a fantastic job. Big kudos for coming around with the water mister to make sure we were able to get a splash of relief from the humidity. The businesses in downtown Guelph did a great job of making the participants feel special. A loot bag of free art supplies from Wyndham Art, was like getting candy!!!!

It was great to see all of the familiar faces from the market and the community. Meeting so many new people was the highlight of my day. I am sure that my pots are now enjoying their new homes and don’t miss me at all. The best part was watching people’s faces as they got my wacky sense of humor depicted on many of my pots. My “mug shots” were a big hit and I need to make more. People were somewhat confused when they saw my display of reused record covers, they assumed I was selling records…….I was using them to display my necklaces. Interestingly, the one of Barry Manilow kept getting brought to the front, but his doey eyes kept following me around my booth and I had to hide him away. FYI, none of the records were from my personal collection…honest!


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Gingerbread in Candyland!!, originally uploaded by claygrl.

A large table filled with cups and bowls filled with CANDY!!! Sugar, sugar, sugar……

My pal’s Mum puts this on for the ‘kids’ every festivus. My kid? He was off entertaining three young girls twice his age. I think he put one candy on the whole house (replacing them on his visits to check on my progress however…..).

What could be more fun than chatting with friends, eating smarties, decorating a gingerbread house and drinking a latte made by my ‘boyfriend’ Tassimo? I was the Queen of Hyper after that!

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End of Summer, originally uploaded by claygrl.

Mother Nature is the queen of the colour wheel. Look how well the golden rod is paired with the purple thistles. It gets better too. Now the purple asters are flowering. The summer smell in the meadow has disappeared and been replaced by the change of season. The leaves are beginning to crunch under foot. Time to bring out the woolies.
I am loving the new to me $3.00 Polaroid Spectra camera that I found at a local ‘antiques’ market. The film is only slightly expired and yet has all the colours those PS gurus are pushing. That ‘vintage’ look. Now that I am over 40 I suppose I am a certain vintage.  Yes, yes, you may compare me to a fine wine anytime. As long as you don’t call me a fine whine! Ba-dump-bup!   Seriously folks, I may have to start saving my spare change to fund all of these Polaroid film purchases.  Or perhaps I need to finally start to sell some of my actual photography prints. They sell well on my mugs and other pots. We will see.

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100 Strangers Project #38, originally uploaded by claygrl.

The people parade continued at the Hillside Festival. Hillside has become a great place to reconnect with people I haven’t seen for a year and usually hook up with at Hillside. One such person is the man on the left in the photo fondling one of my mugs. He is known on flickr as TheGiantVermin, and takes amazing shots of his dog Ryder. Tudor came into my booth with his friend on the right. I was immediately drawn to her lovely mehndi. I remember mentioning how I have thought about getting some mehndi designs permanently tattooed on me. Since I already have a tattoo, I am always thinking about the next one (when the planets line up in an auspicious manner). I said that I have an elephant and Keren said, “Me too!” and she pulled down her shirt and there it was! I didn’t look at the whole elephant but it looked pretty amazing. The colour of ink was pretty original too!

So I had to ask Keren if she would be one of my 100 Strangers and she was happy to. Then I whipped out my vintage Colourpack camera and took the photograph! I promised to mail her the original and now that I have posted it, she can expect it very soon.

This picture is #38 in my 100 strangers project. Find out more about the project and see pictures taken by other photographers at http://www.100Strangers.com

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