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Once my son had finished his visit to the barbershop, I decided that I needed to see if I could get my hands on some new music for my studio. My favourite used CD shop was a hop, skip and a jump away from Franco’s Barbershop. I hadn’t packed my camera away yet and Joel spied it while I was asking him if he had the latest CD from Robert Plant. We got to talking about film cameras and film, then talked about old school barbershops and how they are disappearing too. I asked Joel if he wanted to participate in my 100 Strangers project. Obviously, the answer was yes……Joel is the manager of The Beat Goes On and he grew up in Guelph. He did spend some time in Cambridge, but was sucked back to Guelph by the ‘Guelph Vortex’. Joel’s wife is taking pyschology and art up at the UofG. She hopes to be an art therapist (Good to know, cause I might need one! HA). Joel was a good sport for being part of my project. I am glad that his photo turned out because I had some equipment issues in the next few frames…..ACK!………Find out more about the project and see pictures taken by other photographers from around the world, in the Flickr group 100 Strangers.

<a href=”http://www.flickr.com/groups/100strangers/pool/28200″>www.flickr.com/groups/100strangers/pool/28200</a&gt;


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100 Strangers Project #56 Chris

Here I present a lovely man who is normally hidden behind his camera as he is one of the superstar digital shooters for our local SNAP magazine. It looks like he is also supports the local rollerderby team too, nice!

I can also thank Chris in a round about way for one of the lines of local mugs that I co-create with local graphic designer, Cai Sepulis. That is a long story for another time. So it was only really just a matter of time before we finally met in person. Before I forget, Chris took a great shot of Cai and I holding yet another ceramic collaboration, of a Mr T teapot.

Thanks Chris for participating in my 100 Strangers project, I hope you like your photograph on FILM.

This picture is #56 in my 100 strangers project. Find out more about the project and see pictures taken by other photographers at http://www.100Strangers.com

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Tis the season to rock and roll, or just roll on by.  I’m just rolling along with all that comes my way.  Xmess orders are being worked on and will be completed by the 23rd (gulp!).  One more early morning Farmer’s Market to attend to, then an evening Xmess market on the 23rd at City Hall.  THEN THE MAYHEM OF THE SEASON BEGINS!
Fingers crossed I packed all the orders for the market although I know I will have forgotten something.  Never mind.
Time to catch up on my beauty sleep…..


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Here I am again, on a coldish June day, procrastinating before I start to trim a load of large bowls.  I realized that I haven’t updated the activities in the “Urban Farm”.  New ideas seeded themselves in the mind of the “farmer” over the very early spring.  Plans for a greenhouse and plotting how to prevent the tomatoes from succumbing to the dreaded blight were at the top of the list.  We also welcomed a new gardener to share the patch.  I love the idea of sharing our small plot of land with others in the community who fancy a bit of soil.

Even though spring crashed into summer this year (technically it isn’t summer yet, BUT) we did have a few chilly nights where seedlings had to be wrapped in blankets, heaters installed and bleary nights spent checking temperatures inside the greenhouse.  Farmer Mark really does have a green thumb and a real talent for hard core vegetable gardening (who knew?).  He has even managed to convince one of our friendly neigbours to give his lawn over to tomato plants!

Now that our son is older he can participate in the gardening experience.  I have fond memories of ‘helping’ my parents in the digging of a garden.  I can still taste the sweet of the peas that I picked early one morning all by myself much to the dismay of my Mum.  That was when I think I grasped the concept of the ‘early bird gets the worm’, err, peas!

Notice the ever helpful hen?  We kept the girls over the winter…..why pop them into the soup pot when they continued to lay eggs all winter?

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Another Saturday at the Guelph Farmer’s Market has come and gone. The weather was beautiful and I think spring is finally on it’s merry way! Should you ever be awake before noon on a Saturday in Guelph, may I suggest a visit to the marche? Come and say Hello and bring me a coffee, two milk, one sugar, please and thank-you!

There is some might fine people watching at the market too. Lots of interesting vendors, lovely products, delicious food and always something interesting to read on the community bulletin boards.

I plan on having some new mugs at the market next weekend…..stay tuned for more exciting pots. I am back in the studio working on the ideas that filled my head since Xmess. I was even working today, while the weather was GORGEOUS!

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Here are Goldie Sherman and Rick Weiss getting some exercise between customers. The weekend was glorious (about bloody time, since this summer was meh). The badminton was fun.

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When Mali Comes to Me, originally uploaded by claygrl.

I am a huge fan of West African music. I also really love the music of local talented gal, Tannis Slimmon. Imagine my good fortune to see two amazing artists at my Guelph Pottery & Sculpture Festival. Did I mention that I also love bogolan or mudcloth? Check out the great poncho that Jah is wearing. Notice the hut? I love it!!

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