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Yes, dear readers, a photo of me doing some work! I have been busily creating lots and lots of neighbourhood mugs for some of favourite¬† neighbours in the City of Guelph. Currently I have The Ward, Exhibition Park, old St. George’s covered. I am working on some of the other older ‘hoods too. Officially, we have now entered ‘the mad season’ of getting prepared for that date at the end of December that all the big shops start promoting ad nauseam!!!

I have also decided to have another online retail location over at http://www.bunnysafaripottery.com to help the Canadian collectors of my work. Why? The US dollar is so expensive that I feel the pain of trying to buy something from the US (for me that would be purchasing film…..). This way, all my prices are in Canadian $$ for items in the shop.

Stay tuned for some more fun photos and I will get back to making more pots!!

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100 Strangers Project #100 Frans

I’m done!! I have finally finished!! Thanks to Frans Rood, a Raku potter extraordinaire. I actually met Frans last November at the Hamilton Potters Guild sale and I forgot to bring my film camera! Frans knows film and darkrooms. He used to have a state of the art darkroom that cost a pretty penny to purchase. Unfortunately, there were not pennies when he had to get rid of it. I just have to say that Frans has got the perfect radio voice. Seriously! He also throws some pretty nice ceramic forms! I have learned that he also teaches too. It was nice to finish my project by photographing another potter. My first stranger was a NYC police officer, but his portrait was streaked with bad light leaks. Hence the beauty and the chances you take when shooting film.

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100 Strangers Project #99 David

My son decided to spend some of his coins on buying more coins from this vendor, named David. Too bad we can’t use most of those coins again, like the French franc in France, I think we can still use the 2p coins that he picked out though (UK peeps, is that a yes?). Since it was near the end of the day for the market, I could see that David was taking a bit of a break before packing all of his gear away. I took the opportunity to tell him about the 100 Strangers Project and how close I was to finishing. Yes, I am grateful that he agreed!! David has been a vendor for 30 years selling antiques at Aberfoyle and he has pretty much seen it all. The next time I go vintiquing, I’ll see if I can get any good gossip on the most unusual things he has sold. Thanks David!

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If you have been following my 100 Strangers journey, you may have noticed that I have a tendency to brag about what a great community I live in. Here is another example of why I know this is true. I was recently awarded an arts bursary for me to pursue some early photographic techniques down in Rochester (I am so excited!). Fortunately, the local paper thought this was an important award and sent one of their journalists to hear the who, what, where and why….and to take my photo (gulp). The man for the job was Rob O’Flanagan. He came armed with his digital and I was at the ready with my trusty YashicaMat. Since my project is about combining clay and photography, I thought this was the perfect opportunity to get Rob to be in this current project. In addition to being a busy journalist, he is a painter sharing space with a local woman that I have known for many years in town. Rob has taken up wood working as well. It turns out that we know many of the same people in Guelph. I may have encouraged him to get back into film photography too………The photo that Rob took of me in my studio ended up being on the front cover of The Guelph Mercury. That was awesome and totally unexpected! I hope Rob likes his grainy film portrait!

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While spending Labour Day at the Railway Museum to amuse ourselves and to ride the rails we met these lovely people. We were all riding one of the older coaches when I noticed Jean flip the direction of the carriage seat. We had no idea that the seats could be flipped back to front. She admitted that she had been on that carriage before. Her husband Bill noticed my camera and we got to talking about film cameras. Bill was sporting a digital camera and admitted to getting his digital pictures printed! I don’t know if many digital users do actually take the time to do that. Anyway, also enjoying the day was their friend Ray who was visiting from the UK. Ray was a former cameraman for the BBC ( a proper photographer). More camera chat happened….. Ray mentioned that he often travelled throughout Africa and had a lens that was so sharp it could see the toenails of an ant! That is some serious close-up business!

I discovered that Bill and Jean used to develop film together “in the cellar when they were courting”. They have been married for 60 years and are also from the UK. Turns out, they don’t live far away from me. They live in Rockwood, clever of me to capture them under the sign!!! Their town hosts a christmas tractor parade through town. You read that correctly. A parade with tractors and other farm equipment decorated with coloured lights. It is great fun! Bill and Jean sell hot chocolate at one of the churches in Rockwood. Good to know as a place to warm up and visit them to say Hello, as they are strangers no more.


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At this year’s spring Christie’s Antique show I was a little more distracted by all of the sparkly things than usual. I had it in my mind to shoot at least 5 strangers to get me nearer the finish line. My pals and I were nearly finished walking the entire show and I admit I was getting a little bit tired of so much stuff. But out of the corner of my eye, I kept noticing this well dressed gentleman. At one point I was convinced I had gone down the same isle a few times because he seemed to be there again. We just so happened to be going at the same pace and the same direction. Eventually, I decided to approach him for the Project before I lost my nerve. Not only was he well dressed, he passed me his card and I noticed his impressive name and title. I’m not sure how to refer to him as he has been retired for 7 years. I asked what brought him to the antique show and he said that he was searching for old parfait glasses similar to the ones from Stoney Creek Dairies. The ones he used to enjoy milkshakes and ice cream in. I learned that he was a graduate from the Manitoba School of Art and he wanted to be an art teacher, but then he had a calling to the church. I said that was prpbably a wise decision as the life of an artist doesn’t always guarantee a proper income. With that, he was off to find his wife and carry on his search.

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Here is Liz, wife of previous stranger Ian. Liz joined our conversation after she had a coffee top up. She was a good sport to help me with the project too. Liz and Ian both proudly talked about their 24 year old son who is a cinematographer . His commercial work is in high demand in Toronto where he is based. They both seemed like nice people and it was a pleasure to meet them.

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100 Strangers Project #72 Claudio

For the past couple of years I have started to photograph my son getting his haircut at the same local barbershop. I take the same model of camera and the guys are always happy to have me shoot away while they work. I think they are impressed that the old Yash-Mat still works and that I can take some decent photos with it. As a thank you, I always make a nice wet darkroom print for each of my subjects.
Over the years we never had a haircut from Claudio. It was the end of the day and he said he would get to us if we didn’t mind waiting. My son was adament that he get the TinTin cut that day and that we weren’t to leave until it was done. Claudio’s dad started this barbershop a loonnnngggg time ago.
Claudio has been a barber for 17 years learning the craft from his Dad. I asked Claudio what his favourite thing about his profession was and he replied that meeting the people made it all worth it. Like me, we realize that everybody has a story or something interesting to say and we like to listen. He did a swell job on my kid’s request and was very patient while I snapped away. This picture is #72 in my 100 strangers project. Find out more about the project and see pictures taken by other photographers at www.100Strangers.com

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Living On the Edge

Way back in the summer, when it was HOT and sunny, I shot a roll of film on my trusty old Canon AE-1 camera. Recently, I had time to finally develop the roll of film since my pottery studio is too cold to work in. The roll was full of pictures of boys fishing, making silly faces and Pee Wee Herman. Yes, we brought Pee Wee along for shits and giggles. I had totally forgotten about his ‘photo shoot’ and love how they turned out. One of our house guests made a delicious fruit & meat platter for us to enjoy on the dock and after a few pints, Pee Wee ended up in the platter. Why? Why not! It was great fun and very, very silly. Isn’t that what hanging at the cottage, dockside is all about?

So, until the weather warms up to around -5, working with clay is a no go. Downgrading to a smaller wood stove seemed like such a clever idea at the time. That was in September, before the arrival of winter and the ‘polar vortex’. Such is life!

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Sugar Attack!, originally uploaded by BunnySafari.

Look what Santa delivered! A child hyped up on too much sugar! Don’t ask what the fox said……..I was so out of the loop I had to go to the google to figure out why people kept asking me that!

Keeping my creative juices flowing, I decided to treat myself to some Impossible Project instant black and white instant film. It really brings back all those great photos of people making funny faces when they didn’t mean to. Then asking if I can delete the image…NOPE. The flash is still as blindingly bright as it used to be. We all stumbled around the house for ages with a white spot in the middle of our vision. What fun! Add some spiked egg nog and you have the ingredients for a great party.

Back to the studio next week for me. Time to get serious and get some proper work done. I have a feeling that 2014 is going to be a fabulous year! I wish the same for you too.

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