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At this year’s spring Christie’s Antique show I was a little more distracted by all of the sparkly things than usual. I had it in my mind to shoot at least 5 strangers to get me nearer the finish line. My pals and I were nearly finished walking the entire show and I admit I was getting a little bit tired of so much stuff. But out of the corner of my eye, I kept noticing this well dressed gentleman. At one point I was convinced I had gone down the same isle a few times because he seemed to be there again. We just so happened to be going at the same pace and the same direction. Eventually, I decided to approach him for the Project before I lost my nerve. Not only was he well dressed, he passed me his card and I noticed his impressive name and title. I’m not sure how to refer to him as he has been retired for 7 years. I asked what brought him to the antique show and he said that he was searching for old parfait glasses similar to the ones from Stoney Creek Dairies. The ones he used to enjoy milkshakes and ice cream in. I learned that he was a graduate from the Manitoba School of Art and he wanted to be an art teacher, but then he had a calling to the church. I said that was prpbably a wise decision as the life of an artist doesn’t always guarantee a proper income. With that, he was off to find his wife and carry on his search.

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Yes. YES! I know. Where have I been? Back in the clay studio, making, making, making more pots. It took a bit longer than anticipated to finish, but the studio upgrade is now finished. Sturdy new floor (perfect for dancing), new smaller efficient wood burning stove (straight from an Ontario farmhouse kitchen), new paint, new shelves and lots of creative energy! I will be ready to razzle and dazzle you with lots of new ceramic delights. Mugs away!

Please come and enjoy this little show that I have curated for the past 8 years. The setting is in my friend’s lovely photography studio. This show originally started as a house party with lots of creative makers. After a few years, we all got tired of moving furniture around. My studio wasn’t big enough to accommodate all the people I wanted, so I discovered FLO studios. All artists/craftspeople have been hand picked by myself. These are people you would want to hang around with in your living room. So the FLO studio has become that large living room. Featured will be organic body products, jewelry, knit wear, art prints, upcycled eco gear, seasonal cards, clothing and more.

Stay out of the malls and have a happy time hanging with some kind, arty folks! Cheers!


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Dear Diary,
Where has the time gone? It is nearly November and here I am posting a photo from our summer holiday. Sigh. I think we all know how busy we can get doing the everyday ‘this and that” or as my pal Goldie says “Dis & Dat”. Nevertheless, we carry on, as one must do.

Right, enough of that! I am mere moments from stoking a ‘new’ to me, small woodstove out in the studio. I will post some new images from the transformation. Oh yes I will!

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A Man, His Cameras & His Tats, originally uploaded by BunnySafari.

Present arms!

Here are the arms of Stephen, Stranger #61. Told you he was a serious film man.

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100 Strangers Project #59 Scott

There is this great shop out in St. Jacobs, Ontario called Artefacts. It is one of the best salvage places I have been to. Quite a few of the eclectic items in my 1920’s house have come from here. I digress. Still on the touristy tour with family, I told them this was a must see for old Canadian items. As I walked into the shop, Scott spied my camera right away. Always happy to talk vintage cameras and film, I hopefully didn’t chew his ear off too much. Turns out that Scott has his father’s twin lens Rolliflex and his Hasselblad. Lucky duck! I politely reminded him to keep the cameras in use so that they don’t seize.

Scott also mentioned that they sometimes find old cameras in the houses while they are salvaging. Hello? How can people leave those things behind?

What I forgot to mention to Scott was the potential for me to develop any exposed film found in those cameras. Wouldn’t that make a great story when selling pieces off from a house? Hint, hint?

Here is a little video for you to see what an interesting character Scott is http://vimeo.com/40428519

This picture is #59 in my 100 strangers project. Find out more about the project and see pictures taken by other photographers at http://www.100Strangers.com

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Buzzzzz, originally uploaded by BunnySafari.

The ritual haircut for the boy. I take him to where men know how to cut men’s hair (and wee men too). As the ‘Mum’, I always feel as though I have entered into a sanctuary of sorts. Similar to entering the wrong locker room. Men talking about men things. I always feel as though I am an intruder. I get over that pretty quickly once we are settled and start to read the same kids books supplied on the nearby shelf. There is always a lot of talk about sports, especially hockey.

This day in particular I happened to bring my Yashica A, twin lens camera. I think it is important to document these places as there aren’t many around anymore. Luckily, all the guys nodded in agreement that it was okay for me to use my “new/old” camera. Sure enough, I realized that the place was packed with lots of menfolk waiting. I don’t really like an audience when I am shooting. The age of the camera had a few of them commenting that they remembered what film was.

An advantage of the twin lens, is that I am looking down into the camera and it doesn’t obscure my face so people aren’t quite sure when I am taking the photo. I still find a camera held up to someone’s eye unnerving. One would think that I would be fine with that, but no.

I shot half a roll of film in Franco’s. I should have finished the roll there, because once I developed the roll, I realized that I got some cracker shots! Then again if I had I would have missed out talking to a chap who used to have a barber shop near the old correctional institute for 37 years. I did take his photo. I forgot to ask his name or tell him about the 100 Strangers project!!!

When I look at this photo, I really like the expression on the barber’s face and the sharpness of his clippers. You can almost smell the pomade don’t you think?

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I take my hat off to all of the dedicated Wedding Photographers out there schlepping their gear and busting their butts to earn their bread. That is one job I would not want the stress of at all! I never promised perfect results, was doubtful I would get a good photograph, but gave it the good old college try anyway. I took three film cameras to my pal’s wedding, the Diana F+, a Polaroid Spectra, and my trusty Yashica A. I popped a roll of the new Kodak Portra film into the Yash and had lovely evening light and a Bride-to-Be surrounded by twins wearing the same outfit who volunteered to be bridesmaids!!! I can’t show you yet, but I had three cracker shots that turned out (even the happy couple hasn’t seen them yet, cause I have to rescan to eliminate the DUST).  Even though this is out of focus, I still love this photograph. I was sweating a bit as I was focusing because I had a man with a big ‘digital’ shooting over my shoulder as I gave directions for composition. Funny thing was, he thought I knew what I was doing…….I was just flying by the seat of my pants, err dress.

Obviously it is time for me to get some new glasses cause they don’t work for close up focusing! Maybe I should have grabbed an empty wine bottle (there were plenty) and peered down that!! Top of my list for next year……I am making a note.  (1) Visit optometrist very early in January.

I did manage to photograph the actual wedding entirely on expired Polaroid film with my Polaroid Spectra. You don’t realize how loud that sucker is until you are constantly shooting while a judge is doing his officiating. I encouraged fellow guests to hold developing polaroids and gave polite reminders not to shake them. I thought it was only in the 70’s and 80’s when you shook the photos as they were developing, that just shows the age group of the wedding party, doesn’t it?

Here is today’s lesson folks, don’t cheap out on your wedding photos, hire a PROfessional. FYI, I was NOT the official photographer, just a pal who saw some fun photo ops and was able to enjoy herself.

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End of Summer, originally uploaded by claygrl.

Mother Nature is the queen of the colour wheel. Look how well the golden rod is paired with the purple thistles. It gets better too. Now the purple asters are flowering. The summer smell in the meadow has disappeared and been replaced by the change of season. The leaves are beginning to crunch under foot. Time to bring out the woolies.
I am loving the new to me $3.00 Polaroid Spectra camera that I found at a local ‘antiques’ market. The film is only slightly expired and yet has all the colours those PS gurus are pushing. That ‘vintage’ look. Now that I am over 40 I suppose I am a certain vintage.  Yes, yes, you may compare me to a fine wine anytime. As long as you don’t call me a fine whine! Ba-dump-bup!   Seriously folks, I may have to start saving my spare change to fund all of these Polaroid film purchases.  Or perhaps I need to finally start to sell some of my actual photography prints. They sell well on my mugs and other pots. We will see.

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Transfer of Thoughts, originally uploaded by claygrl.

Back in the days when Polaroid film was available all over the place, I had heard of people doing Polaroid transfers, but had never seen one up close. Now that Polaroid no longer makes film, I finally discovered the process. Typical, really. But I did manage to get my mitts on some recently expired Polaroid film and much to my delight I can do my own Polaroid transfers!

No deep meaning in this photograph. I was just getting used to a colorpack camera and testing the watercolour paper to see what results I could come up with.

I thought I was quite clever with the title. “Transfer of Thoughts”. Fits with the whole transfer process that I am playing with….

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100 Strangers Project #31 Marcel, originally uploaded by claygrl.

Still catching up on developing rolls of film from April of this year. This is Marcel and this is my second attempt at a photo with him for the 100 Strangers. The first attempt was inside the bar behind him, but it was too dark and I used the wrong film speed. I met Marcel at a Guelph Photography Club meeting (a great place to meet strangers for my project). I wrote down some notes and funny enough, they happen to be in the missing notebook from the last stranger.

Marcel used to be a film photographer before he discovered the joys of digital. Yet again, he is another person who thinks I am slightly mad for continuing to use film. I hope he finds his photograph here because I think it is quite good. My Yashica A does surprise me with how sharp the lens can be (well compared to my plastic cameras…).

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