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Autumnal Greetings!


So here it is again, Autumn. It is too bad that the camera on my phone couldn’t quite capture the orange leaves that had fallen on my greenhouse roof outside my window. The colour matched the enamel pot on my worktable. It is mug season! And large wine carafes too! Yes, the season of giving will soon be upon us and one must prepare. I have been preparing for months but still I like to push my panic button every now and then. My motto is “Pressure Makes Diamonds”, which in my case is true!

I have been continuing with my collection of ‘vintage’ mugs and platters celebrating Guelph’s ‘vintage’ neighbourhoods. Notorious places such as The Ward, Exhibition, St. George’s, The Junction (Yes, Guelph has its own Junction) and more. I have made a mug for Sunny Acres for those who love the park and for those who perhaps have never visited I have created Little Britain instead. So many of the street names originate in the UK, plus it is a nod to the show which I get a giggle out of. Perhaps now though I should make a Little Brexit version too (all things are possible and if you want one, send me a message!).

I hear people say that blogging is done and dusted. But for now, when I get friendly reminders that I have been forgetful in updating my blog (thanks Dad), I will pop up every now and then and keep you posted.


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Finally, the final piece to complete my studio. Flashy, reflective armor plate behind my woodstove! Thanks to my ‘handyman’ for cutting and installation. It has really brightened up that corner and inspired me to get back to creating! It was a serious eyesore before with the grey cement board which bothered me for years!! Phew, it is done, the fire is heating up the studio and I can get a handle on things.

Good news! I have a new ‘proper’ website up and running. Search for BunnySafariPottery.com and see what I have been up to. Fresh new work will be coming in the next couple of months.

Have a grand February day!

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Teatime with Poe


Have you ever imagined what it would be like sharing a pot of tea with Edgar Allan Poe? It might rather glum and somewhat frightful. Best to serve  chamomile tea to calm the morbid mind. Maybe invite a trusted therapist to the occasion too (more for me, than him).

Well, we won’t be able to bother him with our trivial problems, however, we can still enjoy a pot of tea made in an original handcrafted teapot. Bottoms up!

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Yes, dear readers, a photo of me doing some work! I have been busily creating lots and lots of neighbourhood mugs for some of favourite  neighbours in the City of Guelph. Currently I have The Ward, Exhibition Park, old St. George’s covered. I am working on some of the other older ‘hoods too. Officially, we have now entered ‘the mad season’ of getting prepared for that date at the end of December that all the big shops start promoting ad nauseam!!!

I have also decided to have another online retail location over at http://www.bunnysafaripottery.com to help the Canadian collectors of my work. Why? The US dollar is so expensive that I feel the pain of trying to buy something from the US (for me that would be purchasing film…..). This way, all my prices are in Canadian $$ for items in the shop.

Stay tuned for some more fun photos and I will get back to making more pots!!

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Fern Collection

It took its time this year. It did, it really did. Yes, that would be the season known as SPRING that I am referring to. Last week we had snow showers on the Wednesday. How rude! I feel confident that we have finally turned a corner with the weather and we can finally, put all those winter accessories away til the autumn.

Spring sales wait for nobody and I have been working away in the studio in preparation. This coming weekend is the Hamilton Potters Guild sale in Dundas. 94 eager potters will be displaying their wares, myself included. My wheel and kiln have been running full tilt for the last couple of months and I am quite pleased with myself. I had so many people ask me if I had large bowls that would serve as wedding gifts, that I have a nice selection. Not many though!

More Poe inspired pots are currently in the kiln. I have done some large Poe bowls too. They won’t be ready til Thursday night, so no photos I’m afraid!

I will be working the sale on Friday, so pop by and say Hello!

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Planet Bean Goldie Sherman PlanetBeanme

I have been drinking Planet Bean coffee since they opened here in Guelph, many moons ago. I can thank them for the jolt of caffeine when I was dragging my ass while trying to learn how to make pots on the wheel.  They were so conveniently located close to the old studio on Wyndham Street, that I could grab an extra cup or two for the studio mates. That was great, especially when I thought that buying Goldie Sherman an extra cup of Fair Trade Joe would keep her sweet while she patiently shared her wheel wisdom with me. Fortunately, all that apprenticing worked, because I can throw mugs with my eyes closed! Not that I do, I’m just saying I can.

What a great combination of supporting Guelph’s only Fair Trade & Organic coffee roastery AND some of your local potters! All three locations here in Guelph have our mugs until Easter. I was pleasantly surprised by how great the posters turned out (I was only expecting a wee flyer).  A great thing for us ‘downtown creative types’ is that the new folks to Guelph who live South of the ‘Stone Road Border Crossing’ can get an idea of the talents that hide out in other parts of our grand city. Even those folks out in the East end of Guelph can find our work while fueling with caffeine. I don’t know about you, but I find it hard to be in three different places all at once! I get all discombobulated!! Love that word! Feel free to drop that in a casual conversation. You can impress your friends! Hell, buy them a mug and impress them even more!

Before I go, can you guess what I am firing in my kiln? More mugs!!!!

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Bird Condos

Happy Spring! Spring has supposedly arrived. You wouldn’t know it today with the cold temperatures and the snow on the ground. I have left winter behind and the case of the flu it left with me. Thanks Old Man Winter, thanks for the three nights of no sleep and an aching body. I am done with you now and have moved on.

While I was surfing the net back in December, I discovered that fun thing called Pinterest. It reminded me of discovering the world wide web for the first time. So many things to look at and poke ‘pins’ into.  I did come across a picture of an old grannie teapot that had been turned into a birdhouse and it got me to thinking. Over ten years ago when I was a student of ceramics at Sheridan, I had made quite a collection of teapots. Some good and some not so much.  I realized that many of them were now cluttering up my shelves and collecting dust.  I didn’t want to get out the trusty hammer and condemn them to the landfill, so I lured my partner in crime to help me make these eazy-peazy birdhouses.

In Guelph, there is this great community workshop space called The Diyode, which my partner just so happens to be a board member of. We had all sorts of tools to make this job quick and painless. Not only that, there was free wood that was used for the bases. We didn’t get too technical or make them too precious, just something a passing nesting bird might want to raise a family in. These were gifts, free, no money exchanged. I have mentioned to people to scour their local charity shops to make their own and keep those old pots out of the landfill.

One of them has been installed down in Burlington. I am patiently waiting for the first occupant.

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Finally, a proper winter has perhaps arrived? Temperatures were bitterly cold last week just as they should be in mid January. Cold enough to freeze the snot in your nose and give you one of those ice cream headaches. So I hunkered down and immersed myself in a fascinating new book about the studio potter Michael Cardew. That still qualifies as work, no? The book is called;

The Last Sane Man

The book is stimulating those creative juices again. I have enjoyed gazing at the sturdy pots that he made, so much so that I have dug out my sketchbooks and sharpened my pencils. Solid, practical forms that look as though they would feel comfortable in the users hands. Thanks to one of my former instructors at Sheridan for the heads up on the book. Nice one Tony Clennell!

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Did I scare you? You don’t need to rub your eyes because I didn’t play a real trick on you. Are you surprised that I glazed another pot this deep colour?  Yes, I must be in my blue phase again. The cobalt really does pop out when I open the kiln lid and this vibrant blue colour stands in the middle of a sea of white vessels. I just reread that last sentence and holy schmokes I could be a poet!  Where do I find such inspiration? “A sea of white vessels”…….you heard it here first folks.  I could be famous (only in my own mind I am, really).

Remember to Keep Calm and Carry Yarn.

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Now that it has gotten chilly and out came the big sweaters, I am reminded how much I like to curl up and read books in the fall. The autumn brings the longer nights and the dark can be spooky! How about reading some Edgar Allan Poe to add to the chill??? I recently re-read the copy of The Raven illustrated by friend and local artist Ryan Price. After turning on all of the lights in the house and shutting all of the curtains, I had a flash of inspiration. Cast your eyes on these Poe cups. I call them Spirit Cups. Clever, aren’t I?

Although I’m not sure which ones I like the most. One crow or many in a tree? Help me out with a decision would you? How kind indeed.


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