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Yes, it has been quiet on the western front for a while, I know. That is summer for you.  However, I have something exciting to share with you. My creative pal Cai Sepulis, shot and edited this sweet little video of the Hillside Festival. For me, one of the funnier segments is my son chucking a rather large paper airplane into the booth next to us. I had just told him not to aim it in our booth. Typical boy, not listening, proceeds to send it flying into another potter’s booth. I was the bad person laughing at the look on people’s faces as it sailed through the air. Didn’t I say that there is always laughing when I am around at Hillside?  Enjoy!

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Photobooth Chics, originally uploaded by BunnySafari.

Have you ever thought how much fun you can have for $2? When was the last time you and a pal crammed into a photobooth and continued the madness? They say that laughter is the best medicine…..if that is true then my immune system must be just humming.

A gaggle of photographers from Guelph traveled like a gypsy caravan into the metropolis of Toronto to take in the Contact Photography festival. We were a motley mix. Three digital shooters vs three film shooters…… I may have shot 15 frames in total. One roll was an expired roll of Kodak 400, over twelve years old. Only the film fairies will know if I will get anything out of it. Should I try to develop it in Caffenol?

One of the highlights was visiting The Drake Hotel and dropping the toonies into the film Photobooth. I find it SO amusing.

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Gnomes? Sprites?, originally uploaded by claygrl.

The aliens have landed…..I made a few for fun, to leave in the forest & out and about (there are two in Wales, one somewhere in London near the V&A). Then I started to make them bigger, then I spent one evening when I made a whole bunch. I was supposed to be making mugs, not little creatures that make me giggle. Now people have requested that I make them and they want to give me $$ in exchange! But of course!!!!!

Every single one is unique. I think I may make some more for fun tonight, between my mug making……

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Ice Cream Man, originally uploaded by claygrl.

Every year at the Hillside Festival, there are a few ‘must do’ items always on the list…..eating organic ice-cream from Mapleton’s is one of them. It is one line I never complain about standing in. This year, because I had a booth (selling pottery) I very nearly missed the ice cream – talk about “I scream for ice cream”……. This is our lovely assistant Jan, who made many instant friends while walking through the music crowds holding three cones. We could have made a mint selling those!!!

Notice how great the quality of my photograph is? Colour film baby!

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