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Walking in a winterland is what dog walkers do best. We had already met Sophie on the trail and I had the camera loaded with black and white film. It occurred to me at the time to ask her to be in my project especially with her dogs being black and white. But then my goofy puppy was being a bit obnoxious with her dogs and the moment was gone. Luckily, we met up again at the end of the loop. I like this portrait in colour. Sophie was kind enough to pose with her Bostons. She has been hiking this area for about seven years. Turns out she knows my partner from working at the Hillside Festival in the summer. This city is sometimes like living in a small village….Find out more about the project and see pictures taken by other photographers from around the world, in the Flickr group 100 Strangers.

<a href=”http://www.flickr.com/groups/100strangers/pool/28200″>www.flickr.com/groups/100strangers/pool/28200</a&gt;


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I now realize that by taking photos of strangers while wearing a big old camera, makes one rather conspicuous. In addition, I have a bit of a reputation for taking these portraits. So it was almost too easy to get Matty to pose for me because he knows some of my ‘strangers’. Turns out Matt was also volunteering at the ball hockey tournament and is a long time Hillside Festival summer volunteer. Seven years with the summer festival and four years with the Hillside Inside.

I asked him if I would have seen him around the summer festival and he mentioned that it was him who always wears the paper mache sun head. That makes sense now! I had always wondered who that was…..this is Matty P Sunshine!!! It’s nice to know that even though 1,000’s of people attend the Hillside Festival, there are lots and lots of lovely, fun people who make it such a treat.

This picture is #69 in my 100 strangers project. Find out more about the project and see pictures taken by other photographers at www.100Strangers.com

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Yes, it has been quiet on the western front for a while, I know. That is summer for you.  However, I have something exciting to share with you. My creative pal Cai Sepulis, shot and edited this sweet little video of the Hillside Festival. For me, one of the funnier segments is my son chucking a rather large paper airplane into the booth next to us. I had just told him not to aim it in our booth. Typical boy, not listening, proceeds to send it flying into another potter’s booth. I was the bad person laughing at the look on people’s faces as it sailed through the air. Didn’t I say that there is always laughing when I am around at Hillside?  Enjoy!

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Yes, I know, Jesse is slightly out of focus, sometimes that is the story of my life. However, here is the tale of how Jesse came to be a participant in my Project. One evening at Hillside while I was off dancing somewhere, Jesse discovered my pottery and one of my pals gave him the lowdown on my process and work (incorporating my film photography onto my ceramics). Lucky for me, Jesse came back to meet me and hear the story of one of my crow mugs. Always happy to share my inspirations, I did just that. During which my child decided to hide under the table holding my pots! ‘Politely’ asking Darwin to remove himself before everything came crashing down, Jesse said that one of his band mates was named Darwin too. How cool is that? Then I clued into ‘bandmate’ and had to find out what band he was in. Turns out Jesse is in The Crooked Brothers from Winnipeg and they were scheduled to play on the Sunday night.

Jesse bought one of my new crow mugs and agreed to have his photo taken. I was able to show him the cameras I had on hand, Yashica mat twin lens and the Canon AE1.

As things turn out in my world, I did want to make a point of seeing Jesse with his band. Coincidentally, my son decided to go walkabout with a pal in the dark and we had to send out a search party. Where did we find the boychik? Darwin was having the time of his life dancing around to what band? The Crooked Brothers!!!

Thank you Jesse! Keep up the great music and I hope you enjoy drinking your favourite beverage from my mug.
Check out his band;

This picture is #55 in my 100 strangers project. Find out more about the project and see pictures taken by other photographers at www.100Strangers.com

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One afternoon at Hillside, I was people watching the people parade as is custom. I spotted this lovely young woman and she just so happened to pop into my booth for a quick look. I wasted no time in grabbing my camera and asking her if she would participate in the project.

This is Alyssa, a first time Hillsider. She had come with some friends on a free pass. She was looking forward to seeing Mickey Hart. I realized that she was on a quick scout around to see what was what, so I didn’t ask too many questions. I hope she had a great time during her time at Hillside.

This picture is #54 in my 100 strangers project. Find out more about the project and see pictures taken by other photographers at www.100Strangers.com

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Chilling With Ma, originally uploaded by BunnySafari.

Even the lake felt like bath water. I was contemplating jumping in. Then my son started to giggle and I realized why the water was so warm……

Time to load the caravan and head out to Guelph Lake for the annual meeting of fun people. I’ll be selling my pots, snapping photographs and I will be dancing.

I forecast a weekend of fun and impromptu acts of silliness and hilarity. I am sharing the vending tent with none other than the impeccable Ms Goldie Sherman. We are known as ‘Creatures of Habit’, which really describes our relationship to the Hillside Festival. I have been involved since 1994 and Goldie, way before that.

I fully expect to have sore cheek and stomach muscles from all of the laughing that always happens we get into Hillside mode.

Happy Hillside!

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100 Strangers Project #38, originally uploaded by claygrl.

The people parade continued at the Hillside Festival. Hillside has become a great place to reconnect with people I haven’t seen for a year and usually hook up with at Hillside. One such person is the man on the left in the photo fondling one of my mugs. He is known on flickr as TheGiantVermin, and takes amazing shots of his dog Ryder. Tudor came into my booth with his friend on the right. I was immediately drawn to her lovely mehndi. I remember mentioning how I have thought about getting some mehndi designs permanently tattooed on me. Since I already have a tattoo, I am always thinking about the next one (when the planets line up in an auspicious manner). I said that I have an elephant and Keren said, “Me too!” and she pulled down her shirt and there it was! I didn’t look at the whole elephant but it looked pretty amazing. The colour of ink was pretty original too!

So I had to ask Keren if she would be one of my 100 Strangers and she was happy to. Then I whipped out my vintage Colourpack camera and took the photograph! I promised to mail her the original and now that I have posted it, she can expect it very soon.

This picture is #38 in my 100 strangers project. Find out more about the project and see pictures taken by other photographers at http://www.100Strangers.com

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