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100 Strangers Project #99 David

My son decided to spend some of his coins on buying more coins from this vendor, named David. Too bad we can’t use most of those coins again, like the French franc in France, I think we can still use the 2p coins that he picked out though (UK peeps, is that a yes?). Since it was near the end of the day for the market, I could see that David was taking a bit of a break before packing all of his gear away. I took the opportunity to tell him about the 100 Strangers Project and how close I was to finishing. Yes, I am grateful that he agreed!! David has been a vendor for 30 years selling antiques at Aberfoyle and he has pretty much seen it all. The next time I go vintiquing, I’ll see if I can get any good gossip on the most unusual things he has sold. Thanks David!

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Walking in a winterland is what dog walkers do best. We had already met Sophie on the trail and I had the camera loaded with black and white film. It occurred to me at the time to ask her to be in my project especially with her dogs being black and white. But then my goofy puppy was being a bit obnoxious with her dogs and the moment was gone. Luckily, we met up again at the end of the loop. I like this portrait in colour. Sophie was kind enough to pose with her Bostons. She has been hiking this area for about seven years. Turns out she knows my partner from working at the Hillside Festival in the summer. This city is sometimes like living in a small village….Find out more about the project and see pictures taken by other photographers from around the world, in the Flickr group 100 Strangers.

<a href=”http://www.flickr.com/groups/100strangers/pool/28200″>www.flickr.com/groups/100strangers/pool/28200</a&gt;

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The Really Big Boss is this man, Ross Davidson-Pilon. He is the boss of Studio 404 , a commercial photography studio located in Guelph. Ross was kind enough to offer his gorgeous studio space for a bunch of creative types to hold a show and sale. He spied my camera when I was photographing Frances. Ross has been a successful commercial photographer for over 30 years. The last eleven years he has been exclusively digital. BUT he has an AMAZING collection of vintage cameras in his office that had me drooling. He even has the camera from a U2 bomber. I can’t believe that I haven’t met Ross before in Guelph, but I have spied him driving around on his vintage motorcycle (I snapped a shot of it with my Holga a few years ago). I am glad that Ross allowed a bunch of us to sell our wares out of his space.

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If you have been following my 100 Strangers journey, you may have noticed that I have a tendency to brag about what a great community I live in. Here is another example of why I know this is true. I was recently awarded an arts bursary for me to pursue some early photographic techniques down in Rochester (I am so excited!). Fortunately, the local paper thought this was an important award and sent one of their journalists to hear the who, what, where and why….and to take my photo (gulp). The man for the job was Rob O’Flanagan. He came armed with his digital and I was at the ready with my trusty YashicaMat. Since my project is about combining clay and photography, I thought this was the perfect opportunity to get Rob to be in this current project. In addition to being a busy journalist, he is a painter sharing space with a local woman that I have known for many years in town. Rob has taken up wood working as well. It turns out that we know many of the same people in Guelph. I may have encouraged him to get back into film photography too………The photo that Rob took of me in my studio ended up being on the front cover of The Guelph Mercury. That was awesome and totally unexpected! I hope Rob likes his grainy film portrait!

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Wow, 4 strangers on the same roll of film! I think that is a record for me! This is Jody, whom I met at the Art on the Street show. She has this amazing fish tattoo on her back that is very elaborate. I learned in a very short amount of time, that Jody is a high school art teacher in Hamilton and went to the Ontario College of Art. She is also dating a friend of mine (news to me… since I am so out of the loop sometimes). Jody also owns one of my mugs!! She told me that one of her former students is one of the local tattooists in our city. How’s that?

Before I forget to mention, I didn’t do a very good wiping job on the negatives following the Photo Flo rinse…..opps.

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Here is Liz, wife of previous stranger Ian. Liz joined our conversation after she had a coffee top up. She was a good sport to help me with the project too. Liz and Ian both proudly talked about their 24 year old son who is a cinematographer . His commercial work is in high demand in Toronto where he is based. They both seemed like nice people and it was a pleasure to meet them.

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After a very long delay……I finally developed film that I had taken back on November 9, 2012! So this is Nicole. She was working at the Royal Winter Fair in Toronto gathering information on how people found out about the Royal. Nicole was really friendly and had a great sense of humour. I think we caught each others eye at the same time, because I was trying to find another participant for my project and she had a quota to fill. I said I would answer her questions if she would let me take a photo of her. Nicole seemed rather amused that I was still using a film camera (too bad I didn’t think to load it with 400 speed film).

Nicole had been in Toronto for two years as a student and was on her way back to Birmingham two weeks following the Royal. I asked her what her favourite part of Toronto was and she said she hadn’t seen it all yet. She asked me what I do when I am in TO (other than take photographs of strangers…..) I mentioned that I was going to Kensington Market to meet some friends and surprisingly she hadn’t been there yet! I suggested she add it to her ‘must do before I leave Toronto’ list.

I hope she enjoyed her time in Toronto and I wish her luck with the rest of her studies! Sorry for the delay Nicole!

This picture is #60 in my 100 strangers project. Find out more about the project and see pictures taken by other photographers at http://www.100Strangers.com

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100 Strangers Project #56 Chris

Here I present a lovely man who is normally hidden behind his camera as he is one of the superstar digital shooters for our local SNAP magazine. It looks like he is also supports the local rollerderby team too, nice!

I can also thank Chris in a round about way for one of the lines of local mugs that I co-create with local graphic designer, Cai Sepulis. That is a long story for another time. So it was only really just a matter of time before we finally met in person. Before I forget, Chris took a great shot of Cai and I holding yet another ceramic collaboration, of a Mr T teapot.

Thanks Chris for participating in my 100 Strangers project, I hope you like your photograph on FILM.

This picture is #56 in my 100 strangers project. Find out more about the project and see pictures taken by other photographers at http://www.100Strangers.com

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While checking out massive amounts of antiques at the bi-annual Christies Antique show, I took a break to people watch. Well dressed people with a bit of panache will always catch my eye and the click of the Holga. I spied the bow tie first and nearly ambushed these two gentlemen to request a photo for the project. Here I present James and Gordon who were sporting and granted me permission to take their photograph. We didn’t chat for long because we were all on a mission to check out ‘old stuff’. I thanked them, we shook hands and went on our separate ways.

Ironically, the only thing I bought at the show was an expired box of film dated 1945…….Not for the box, no. For the film. Now to use one of my cameras from that era.

This picture is #51 & 52 in my 100 strangers project. Find out more about the project and see pictures taken by other photographers at www.100Strangers.com

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100 Strangers Project #34 & #35, originally uploaded by claygrl.

Right, so there I was working my booth at Hillside. In comes this guy who has amazing tattoos. Some of my work has designs that are similar to his body ink. I grab a mug and start trying to see what it matches on his arms and legs. We were laughing at the thought of accessorizing his body art with my ceramic art. As I am looking at his face, I think ‘hmm, he looks familiar, where do I know this crazy guy from?’ Then he says, if I wasn’t on tour I would gladly trade you a mug for one of my CD’s. Duh! He introduces himself as Ganga Giri. Turns out I had been dancing away to his music earlier in the day. Ganga is #35.

The man who became stranger #34 is Oakies, the manager for Ganga Giri and his crew. He was sporting enough to be photographed for my project, especially when I suggested he pose with Ganga, Amanda and my pal Julia. We shared some laughs about the polaroid cameras in the ‘old’ days. Using the Polaroid colourpack camera was a bonus as it gave instant results in 3 minutes.

Even though we didn’t swap our creations, I bought the band’s CDs and have since thrown many pots while listening to them. Sometimes I have to get up and dance around a bit in my studio though. I can’t help it, their beats are infectious!

Here is a plug for the band;

Thanks guys and I hope your tour is a sold out success!

This picture is #34 & #35 in my 100 strangers project. Find out more about the project and see pictures taken by other photographers at www.100Strangers.com

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