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Photobooth Chics, originally uploaded by BunnySafari.

Have you ever thought how much fun you can have for $2? When was the last time you and a pal crammed into a photobooth and continued the madness? They say that laughter is the best medicine…..if that is true then my immune system must be just humming.

A gaggle of photographers from Guelph traveled like a gypsy caravan into the metropolis of Toronto to take in the Contact Photography festival. We were a motley mix. Three digital shooters vs three film shooters…… I may have shot 15 frames in total. One roll was an expired roll of Kodak 400, over twelve years old. Only the film fairies will know if I will get anything out of it. Should I try to develop it in Caffenol?

One of the highlights was visiting The Drake Hotel and dropping the toonies into the film Photobooth. I find it SO amusing.

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