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Fern Collection

It took its time this year. It did, it really did. Yes, that would be the season known as SPRING that I am referring to. Last week we had snow showers on the Wednesday. How rude! I feel confident that we have finally turned a corner with the weather and we can finally, put all those winter accessories away til the autumn.

Spring sales wait for nobody and I have been working away in the studio in preparation. This coming weekend is the Hamilton Potters Guild sale in Dundas. 94 eager potters will be displaying their wares, myself included. My wheel and kiln have been running full tilt for the last couple of months and I am quite pleased with myself. I had so many people ask me if I had large bowls that would serve as wedding gifts, that I have a nice selection. Not many though!

More Poe inspired pots are currently in the kiln. I have done some large Poe bowls too. They won’t be ready til Thursday night, so no photos I’m afraid!

I will be working the sale on Friday, so pop by and say Hello!

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Magic Light!, originally uploaded by claygrl.

Imagine that, a stunning sunset in a cemetery in St. David’s, Wales.  I had the whole place to myself to wander around, armed with three cameras.  I had Holga and her pal and rival DianaF+. As a back up I took my digital camera along with me. The trees in the photo were home to a large population of ravens and they made quite a racket as I wandered down around in their territory. What could have been better, magic light, peace and quiet, spring, and being completely in the moment.  I had to pinch myself a couple of times to make sure I wasn’t dreaming.
For anyone visiting St. David’s and if you happen to be walking down the road along the cemetery, keep your eyes peeled for a white little gnome that I left as a surprise for somebody. He is rather elvish looking with a jaunty grin. I left another one a hiking path near Porthgain in Pembrokeshire.  I wonder if anyone claimed him…..

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And Sit I Did, originally uploaded by claygrl.

The scent was delightful, the colour was refreshing and I was happy for SPRING!  Three glorious weeks spent traveling about the UK and I think we experienced one night of rain and a shower that lasted twenty minutes.  I didn’t expect to be stocking up on sunscreen in Pembrokeshire, Wales, that was for sure!  I filled my camera bag with high speed film for all of those gloomy, rainy days we think England is known for. Don’t get me wrong, I am NOT complaining one bit. I sucked in all of the Vitamin D a person can get for three weeks.  My face isn’t pale and sad from the endless winter spent in Southern Ontario anymore! I am refreshed and full of new stories and photos to boot.
The countryside around Pembrokeshire was stunning! The sea was definitely refreshing.  I can not say enough great things about Wales.  The people were friendly, relaxed and great fun. For seven days our troop of friends did something new everyday.  I had a blast learning how to sea kayak and am now hooked.  The walks along the sea coast were exhilarating and gorgeous if not treacherous.  I even sat up at night and watched the Welsh tv programs having no clue what was being said (rather reminded me of watching Quebec television programs).
This photo, taken of  the lilacs and inviting bench were outside the walls of Hampton Court Palace.  We were fortunate enough to be able to stay with our great friend Jane, whom Mark and I met ten years ago in Mali. This is her neighborhood, not the palace, but close enough.  There were so many things to see and do.  London was a hop, skip and jump away by train or bus.  But that is all I can share with you now, for my body thinks I am five hours ahead and now my eyes seem to think it is too. G’night!

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