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100 Strangers Project #100 Frans

I’m done!! I have finally finished!! Thanks to Frans Rood, a Raku potter extraordinaire. I actually met Frans last November at the Hamilton Potters Guild sale and I forgot to bring my film camera! Frans knows film and darkrooms. He used to have a state of the art darkroom that cost a pretty penny to purchase. Unfortunately, there were not pennies when he had to get rid of it. I just have to say that Frans has got the perfect radio voice. Seriously! He also throws some pretty nice ceramic forms! I have learned that he also teaches too. It was nice to finish my project by photographing another potter. My first stranger was a NYC police officer, but his portrait was streaked with bad light leaks. Hence the beauty and the chances you take when shooting film.


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Walking in a winterland is what dog walkers do best. We had already met Sophie on the trail and I had the camera loaded with black and white film. It occurred to me at the time to ask her to be in my project especially with her dogs being black and white. But then my goofy puppy was being a bit obnoxious with her dogs and the moment was gone. Luckily, we met up again at the end of the loop. I like this portrait in colour. Sophie was kind enough to pose with her Bostons. She has been hiking this area for about seven years. Turns out she knows my partner from working at the Hillside Festival in the summer. This city is sometimes like living in a small village….Find out more about the project and see pictures taken by other photographers from around the world, in the Flickr group 100 Strangers.

<a href=”http://www.flickr.com/groups/100strangers/pool/28200″>www.flickr.com/groups/100strangers/pool/28200</a&gt;

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I have not given up my quest to photograph 100 Strangers. I am just taking my own sweet time, savoring the project. Shooting film, I have lost some people along the way, one through a massive light leak…..

I was invited to check out show by a painter in Elora in the spring. I went with my friend Laura, who has one of the biggest families I know. It seemed everyone who came into the cafe was a relation! One of the women I met was Gaye Jackson (in the middle), who just so happened to be a photographer! The bonus, she understands FILM and the darkroom! I was also able to pick her brain on how to display my photos with proper framing techniques. Thanks Gaye!

On the left is Diane, a very artistic woman in her own right. To the right of Gaye is Diane’s sister, Cindy. I have since seen these women at other art openings at the lovely cafe in Elora. Currently is an exhibit featuring some of Gaye’s work. I had to miss the opening because ironically, I was in the darkroom. C’est la vie!

This picture is #48, 49 & 50 in my 100 strangers project. Find out more about the project and see pictures taken by other photographers at www.100Strangers.com

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I take my hat off to all of the dedicated Wedding Photographers out there schlepping their gear and busting their butts to earn their bread. That is one job I would not want the stress of at all! I never promised perfect results, was doubtful I would get a good photograph, but gave it the good old college try anyway. I took three film cameras to my pal’s wedding, the Diana F+, a Polaroid Spectra, and my trusty Yashica A. I popped a roll of the new Kodak Portra film into the Yash and had lovely evening light and a Bride-to-Be surrounded by twins wearing the same outfit who volunteered to be bridesmaids!!! I can’t show you yet, but I had three cracker shots that turned out (even the happy couple hasn’t seen them yet, cause I have to rescan to eliminate the DUST).  Even though this is out of focus, I still love this photograph. I was sweating a bit as I was focusing because I had a man with a big ‘digital’ shooting over my shoulder as I gave directions for composition. Funny thing was, he thought I knew what I was doing…….I was just flying by the seat of my pants, err dress.

Obviously it is time for me to get some new glasses cause they don’t work for close up focusing! Maybe I should have grabbed an empty wine bottle (there were plenty) and peered down that!! Top of my list for next year……I am making a note.  (1) Visit optometrist very early in January.

I did manage to photograph the actual wedding entirely on expired Polaroid film with my Polaroid Spectra. You don’t realize how loud that sucker is until you are constantly shooting while a judge is doing his officiating. I encouraged fellow guests to hold developing polaroids and gave polite reminders not to shake them. I thought it was only in the 70’s and 80’s when you shook the photos as they were developing, that just shows the age group of the wedding party, doesn’t it?

Here is today’s lesson folks, don’t cheap out on your wedding photos, hire a PROfessional. FYI, I was NOT the official photographer, just a pal who saw some fun photo ops and was able to enjoy herself.

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