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The Really Big Boss is this man, Ross Davidson-Pilon. He is the boss of Studio 404 , a commercial photography studio located in Guelph. Ross was kind enough to offer his gorgeous studio space for a bunch of creative types to hold a show and sale. He spied my camera when I was photographing Frances. Ross has been a successful commercial photographer for over 30 years. The last eleven years he has been exclusively digital. BUT he has an AMAZING collection of vintage cameras in his office that had me drooling. He even has the camera from a U2 bomber. I can’t believe that I haven’t met Ross before in Guelph, but I have spied him driving around on his vintage motorcycle (I snapped a shot of it with my Holga a few years ago). I am glad that Ross allowed a bunch of us to sell our wares out of his space.


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December is a crazy busy month for those of us who make a living doing shows selling our art/craft work. Some shows are awesome and some not so much. My gear was set up near this lovely woman and during a lull in the show, I pulled out my camera to see if I could amuse myself. Frances exuded a lovely energy and I had hoped she would be up for helping somebody finish an art project……She recently moved to Guelph from Toronto and has set up a great business called The Necessary Arts Company. They offer studio space and rental of sewing machines and have workshops. She is a visual artist and an interior designer AND a Mum! That is a lot of juggling but she seems pretty balanced and focused. Frances is a welcome addition to Guelph’s creative community and I wish her continued success.

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100 Strangers Project #34 & #35, originally uploaded by claygrl.

Right, so there I was working my booth at Hillside. In comes this guy who has amazing tattoos. Some of my work has designs that are similar to his body ink. I grab a mug and start trying to see what it matches on his arms and legs. We were laughing at the thought of accessorizing his body art with my ceramic art. As I am looking at his face, I think ‘hmm, he looks familiar, where do I know this crazy guy from?’ Then he says, if I wasn’t on tour I would gladly trade you a mug for one of my CD’s. Duh! He introduces himself as Ganga Giri. Turns out I had been dancing away to his music earlier in the day. Ganga is #35.

The man who became stranger #34 is Oakies, the manager for Ganga Giri and his crew. He was sporting enough to be photographed for my project, especially when I suggested he pose with Ganga, Amanda and my pal Julia. We shared some laughs about the polaroid cameras in the ‘old’ days. Using the Polaroid colourpack camera was a bonus as it gave instant results in 3 minutes.

Even though we didn’t swap our creations, I bought the band’s CDs and have since thrown many pots while listening to them. Sometimes I have to get up and dance around a bit in my studio though. I can’t help it, their beats are infectious!

Here is a plug for the band;

Thanks guys and I hope your tour is a sold out success!

This picture is #34 & #35 in my 100 strangers project. Find out more about the project and see pictures taken by other photographers at www.100Strangers.com

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