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He is a blacksmith, comes from Oregon, is a member of the local hacker space and seemed to be enjoying the Hillside Festival. When I shook Cameron’s hand, I had a hard time believing he was a blacksmith because he didn’t have any callouses. Thanks Cameron for volunteering to help me finish this project! He was a man on a mission, not a lot of time for idle chit-chat. I hope he enjoyed his weekend.


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The last weekend in July at the Hillside Festival was where I met Chris. Chris has been part of Hillside for quite awhile. This year his role was one of the emcee’s for the stages. His wife is a volunteer too and they are both an important part of the army of volunteers that make this weekend run so well. I can’t remember the exact number of years that Chris has been working, but I seem to recall it is more than ten. He was a good sport to be a participant in my project. Chris was surprised that I was still shooting film. (Yes, I get that A LOT). I am just glad that I didn’t botch the roll and that all of my shots turned out. I think Holga and I finally have a good working relationship….

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