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100 Strangers Project #100 Frans

I’m done!! I have finally finished!! Thanks to Frans Rood, a Raku potter extraordinaire. I actually met Frans last November at the Hamilton Potters Guild sale and I forgot to bring my film camera! Frans knows film and darkrooms. He used to have a state of the art darkroom that cost a pretty penny to purchase. Unfortunately, there were not pennies when he had to get rid of it. I just have to say that Frans has got the perfect radio voice. Seriously! He also throws some pretty nice ceramic forms! I have learned that he also teaches too. It was nice to finish my project by photographing another potter. My first stranger was a NYC police officer, but his portrait was streaked with bad light leaks. Hence the beauty and the chances you take when shooting film.

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December is a crazy busy month for those of us who make a living doing shows selling our art/craft work. Some shows are awesome and some not so much. My gear was set up near this lovely woman and during a lull in the show, I pulled out my camera to see if I could amuse myself. Frances exuded a lovely energy and I had hoped she would be up for helping somebody finish an art project……She recently moved to Guelph from Toronto and has set up a great business called The Necessary Arts Company. They offer studio space and rental of sewing machines and have workshops. She is a visual artist and an interior designer AND a Mum! That is a lot of juggling but she seems pretty balanced and focused. Frances is a welcome addition to Guelph’s creative community and I wish her continued success.

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While spending Labour Day at the Railway Museum to amuse ourselves and to ride the rails we met these lovely people. We were all riding one of the older coaches when I noticed Jean flip the direction of the carriage seat. We had no idea that the seats could be flipped back to front. She admitted that she had been on that carriage before. Her husband Bill noticed my camera and we got to talking about film cameras. Bill was sporting a digital camera and admitted to getting his digital pictures printed! I don’t know if many digital users do actually take the time to do that. Anyway, also enjoying the day was their friend Ray who was visiting from the UK. Ray was a former cameraman for the BBC ( a proper photographer). More camera chat happened….. Ray mentioned that he often travelled throughout Africa and had a lens that was so sharp it could see the toenails of an ant! That is some serious close-up business!

I discovered that Bill and Jean used to develop film together “in the cellar when they were courting”. They have been married for 60 years and are also from the UK. Turns out, they don’t live far away from me. They live in Rockwood, clever of me to capture them under the sign!!! Their town hosts a christmas tractor parade through town. You read that correctly. A parade with tractors and other farm equipment decorated with coloured lights. It is great fun! Bill and Jean sell hot chocolate at one of the churches in Rockwood. Good to know as a place to warm up and visit them to say Hello, as they are strangers no more.


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At this year’s spring Christie’s Antique show I was a little more distracted by all of the sparkly things than usual. I had it in my mind to shoot at least 5 strangers to get me nearer the finish line. My pals and I were nearly finished walking the entire show and I admit I was getting a little bit tired of so much stuff. But out of the corner of my eye, I kept noticing this well dressed gentleman. At one point I was convinced I had gone down the same isle a few times because he seemed to be there again. We just so happened to be going at the same pace and the same direction. Eventually, I decided to approach him for the Project before I lost my nerve. Not only was he well dressed, he passed me his card and I noticed his impressive name and title. I’m not sure how to refer to him as he has been retired for 7 years. I asked what brought him to the antique show and he said that he was searching for old parfait glasses similar to the ones from Stoney Creek Dairies. The ones he used to enjoy milkshakes and ice cream in. I learned that he was a graduate from the Manitoba School of Art and he wanted to be an art teacher, but then he had a calling to the church. I said that was prpbably a wise decision as the life of an artist doesn’t always guarantee a proper income. With that, he was off to find his wife and carry on his search.

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