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Now that it has gotten chilly and out came the big sweaters, I am reminded how much I like to curl up and read books in the fall. The autumn brings the longer nights and the dark can be spooky! How about reading some Edgar Allan Poe to add to the chill??? I recently re-read the copy of The Raven illustrated by friend and local artist Ryan Price. After turning on all of the lights in the house and shutting all of the curtains, I had a flash of inspiration. Cast your eyes on these Poe cups. I call them Spirit Cups. Clever, aren’t I?

Although I’m not sure which ones I like the most. One crow or many in a tree? Help me out with a decision would you? How kind indeed.


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If you may have been misguided in thinking that all I do now is play with plastic cameras….. I do in fact still throw pots in the studio.  These are for an order that will eventually make it’s way to the UK (ash clouds permitting).  These make nice tumblers for all sorts of beverages, my favourite just so happens to be wine, hence the title of the blog entry today.  I am a potter who thinks it is important to test her work in the “real world”, and if you are like me, then you may enjoy some fine wine on the odd (cough, ahem) occasion.  I’ll have to get my best pal Peter, the official Sommelier to also give them a test run.

In case you have been following me from the start of my blog, these will look like the Wee Cups with the Oak tree. If you haven’t, we’ll I suggest you pour yourself a glass of vino and get reading!  Not on a lovely day though, a rainy one, where you are procrastinating about your taxes or wrestling with the hoover.

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