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Now that it has gotten chilly and out came the big sweaters, I am reminded how much I like to curl up and read books in the fall. The autumn brings the longer nights and the dark can be spooky! How about reading some Edgar Allan Poe to add to the chill??? I recently re-read the copy of The Raven illustrated by friend and local artist Ryan Price. After turning on all of the lights in the house and shutting all of the curtains, I had a flash of inspiration. Cast your eyes on these Poe cups. I call them Spirit Cups. Clever, aren’t I?

Although I’m not sure which ones I like the most. One crow or many in a tree? Help me out with a decision would you? How kind indeed.


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Well fancy that!  I have been making some new work in the studio. What should I call this collection? The “Poe” or the “Nevermore”…… Any suggestions dear readers? What would Poe say? Hang on, I made a few wall pillows with that quote already. Perhaps I will re-read the illustrated version of The Raven done by Guelph local, Ryan Price. It is dark and yet, the illustrations are YUMMY. Trust me.

I have this set on my etsy page. Happily, the butter dish sold shortly after it made an appearance on my page.  I sometimes forget to make sets of designs. I think I have my work narrowed down to three different styles. Wedding season is upon us once again. Time for big bowls and matching sets. Back to the clay pits then for me!


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