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The last weekend in July at the Hillside Festival was where I met Chris. Chris has been part of Hillside for quite awhile. This year his role was one of the emcee’s for the stages. His wife is a volunteer too and they are both an important part of the army of volunteers that make this weekend run so well. I can’t remember the exact number of years that Chris has been working, but I seem to recall it is more than ten. He was a good sport to be a participant in my project. Chris was surprised that I was still shooting film. (Yes, I get that A LOT). I am just glad that I didn’t botch the roll and that all of my shots turned out. I think Holga and I finally have a good working relationship….


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100 Strangers Project #56 Chris

Here I present a lovely man who is normally hidden behind his camera as he is one of the superstar digital shooters for our local SNAP magazine. It looks like he is also supports the local rollerderby team too, nice!

I can also thank Chris in a round about way for one of the lines of local mugs that I co-create with local graphic designer, Cai Sepulis. That is a long story for another time. So it was only really just a matter of time before we finally met in person. Before I forget, Chris took a great shot of Cai and I holding yet another ceramic collaboration, of a Mr T teapot.

Thanks Chris for participating in my 100 Strangers project, I hope you like your photograph on FILM.

This picture is #56 in my 100 strangers project. Find out more about the project and see pictures taken by other photographers at http://www.100Strangers.com

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