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Fern Collection

It took its time this year. It did, it really did. Yes, that would be the season known as SPRING that I am referring to. Last week we had snow showers on the Wednesday. How rude! I feel confident that we have finally turned a corner with the weather and we can finally, put all those winter accessories away til the autumn.

Spring sales wait for nobody and I have been working away in the studio in preparation. This coming weekend is the Hamilton Potters Guild sale in Dundas. 94 eager potters will be displaying their wares, myself included. My wheel and kiln have been running full tilt for the last couple of months and I am quite pleased with myself. I had so many people ask me if I had large bowls that would serve as wedding gifts, that I have a nice selection. Not many though!

More Poe inspired pots are currently in the kiln. I have done some large Poe bowls too. They won’t be ready til Thursday night, so no photos I’m afraid!

I will be working the sale on Friday, so pop by and say Hello!

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Well fancy that!  I have been making some new work in the studio. What should I call this collection? The “Poe” or the “Nevermore”…… Any suggestions dear readers? What would Poe say? Hang on, I made a few wall pillows with that quote already. Perhaps I will re-read the illustrated version of The Raven done by Guelph local, Ryan Price. It is dark and yet, the illustrations are YUMMY. Trust me.

I have this set on my etsy page. Happily, the butter dish sold shortly after it made an appearance on my page.  I sometimes forget to make sets of designs. I think I have my work narrowed down to three different styles. Wedding season is upon us once again. Time for big bowls and matching sets. Back to the clay pits then for me!


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I can’t help it. There they are every spring, tiny spirals of goodness, sprouting up out of the ground. From where I sit in my studio, perched on my potters wheel, I can see them. They wave at me in the breeze. The ferns demand my attention. Look at us! Look how intricate we are. We are fractals!!  We are the boss of you! Oh yeah?  I cooked some up with butter and balsamic.”You are NOT the boss of me” I told my plateful of dark green goodness. ‘We’ll see.’

Every year, there are more and more spreading their fans throughout the garden. I do love them. Ferns are fascinating. Ferns were around when the dinosaurs stomped around. Talk about staying power. The ferns won. I have had dreams about how to decorate my pots with them. Sneaky. Now they adorn mugs, bowls, and a butter dish or two. What next? A teapot perhaps.

Pass the balsamic and the butter, of course.

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