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I finally did it. I finally could not stand looking through my scratched glasses a moment longer. I booked an eye appointment. Hurray for me, because that has been on my list for at least a year. The glasses were so scratched that I just don’t wear them anymore. So if you are waving at me from a distance, chances are, I’m ignoring you. I may even be saying in my head “who is that crazy person waving at”…..don’t take that personally if you have in fact done that. The good news is despite abusing my glasses, my eyes have stayed the same, one eye has actually improved! I don’t need bifocals yet (one starts to worry after 40, err 39).

Today’s post is to show you that I still have a hand in the ceramics department. Mind you, I may smell more like film developer rather than clay these days. I am ready to get back into the studio and start throwing some pots. I have photographs that I have taken that I think would work well on new pieces. I have made two of these jars. The other one has a round handle on top, referencing a bicycle wheel. The colour of the piece is a porcelain white and the Holga photo of the bike is a lovely sepia. Which reminds me to actually attempt some sepia toning in the actual darkroom.

I managed to get my hands on a lovely new to me, Yashica Mat purchased from the estate sale of a serious camera collector out in Saskatchewan. The man had over 56 large boxes full of all types of film cameras. I ran a roll through it this week and boy is it ever sweet. If anyone is interested I have a list of what is still available in the collection. My cameras that I bought were in great condition considering their age.

Before I forget, the reason for the washed out Polaroid is because it is expired film. Funny how this is the ‘look’ that photoshoppers are after. Why waste time sitting on your bum when you can buy an old Polaroid Spectra for $3 and shoot a pack of ten real photographs. FYI, I bought the film on sale……


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Gnomes? Sprites?, originally uploaded by claygrl.

The aliens have landed…..I made a few for fun, to leave in the forest & out and about (there are two in Wales, one somewhere in London near the V&A). Then I started to make them bigger, then I spent one evening when I made a whole bunch. I was supposed to be making mugs, not little creatures that make me giggle. Now people have requested that I make them and they want to give me $$ in exchange! But of course!!!!!

Every single one is unique. I think I may make some more for fun tonight, between my mug making……

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Lately, I have been inspired to work on some new pieces in the studio.  Often I will work on something, then need to put it aside to wait while it sets up.  As I am still in the thinking stages of my latest project I will randomly wander over to a shelf and just look at what has accumulated.  Then I wonder what was I thinking when I found that such-and-such. This is good for my brain, as it fires off ideas that may seem wacky at first, but then boils down into something productive. Ironically, the things in my head are related directly to my photography as of late. What a coincidence, as you can see an old Kodak tourist camera.  Notice the bellows?  I just recently added another camera to my collection that has bellows….a B&J 4X5 press camera from the 1940’s.  Now I just have to get one of those spiffy press hats.  I have already bought the film for it!

The B&J won’t be hanging out on the shelf in the studio.  No way I am going to get dust and soot on that puppy.  It may partake in a photo shoot or two.  I may need to wear my welder’s goggles after looking at that flash. I could light up a small village with that.

So here is what I was gazing at last week, and then gazing through the lenses of my Yashica-A Twin Lens camera.  Feel free to let me know if you are inspired by anything you see through the viewfinder.

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Tis the season to rock and roll, or just roll on by.  I’m just rolling along with all that comes my way.  Xmess orders are being worked on and will be completed by the 23rd (gulp!).  One more early morning Farmer’s Market to attend to, then an evening Xmess market on the 23rd at City Hall.  THEN THE MAYHEM OF THE SEASON BEGINS!
Fingers crossed I packed all the orders for the market although I know I will have forgotten something.  Never mind.
Time to catch up on my beauty sleep…..


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Holy Carp Batman! Is there no end to the talents of this crazy potter?  Why I think she must be dishfunctional!  Why yes, my dishes are functional!!  Apparently these have a certain appeal to those people who are of the Pisces persuasion.  Honestly I didn’t think that when I was making these pots, but now that it has been brought to my attention, I will ‘work it’!  Thanks Anna!

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Popcorn anyone?  You can smell fresh popcorn right now, can’t you?  I can…..yummy.  Is it too early for popcorn?  Before noon on a Friday?  Eating popcorn puts me in my happy place, similar to drinking a nice pint of Guinness or a glass of wine (I’m not picky).  I think we have to wait until noon for alcohol at a pub.  Really?  Never mind.

Back to the bowl.  This is one of those pots that I make that stays in my studio for a while.  It sits on a shelf where I can gaze upon it and think, maybe I will keep this one in the private collection in my house.  Then the common sense part of my brain says “Don’t be daft, sell it on and make some more!”.  Fine.  It will be at the Guelph Farmer’s Market this Saturday hidden away on my display.  Just kidding!  It will be prominently displayed tempting you to buy it and take it to your lovely home.  You could always give it as a gift to your favourite person you watch movies and eat popcorn with.

See you Saturday???

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If you may have been misguided in thinking that all I do now is play with plastic cameras….. I do in fact still throw pots in the studio.  These are for an order that will eventually make it’s way to the UK (ash clouds permitting).  These make nice tumblers for all sorts of beverages, my favourite just so happens to be wine, hence the title of the blog entry today.  I am a potter who thinks it is important to test her work in the “real world”, and if you are like me, then you may enjoy some fine wine on the odd (cough, ahem) occasion.  I’ll have to get my best pal Peter, the official Sommelier to also give them a test run.

In case you have been following me from the start of my blog, these will look like the Wee Cups with the Oak tree. If you haven’t, we’ll I suggest you pour yourself a glass of vino and get reading!  Not on a lovely day though, a rainy one, where you are procrastinating about your taxes or wrestling with the hoover.

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Another Saturday at the Guelph Farmer’s Market has come and gone. The weather was beautiful and I think spring is finally on it’s merry way! Should you ever be awake before noon on a Saturday in Guelph, may I suggest a visit to the marche? Come and say Hello and bring me a coffee, two milk, one sugar, please and thank-you!

There is some might fine people watching at the market too. Lots of interesting vendors, lovely products, delicious food and always something interesting to read on the community bulletin boards.

I plan on having some new mugs at the market next weekend…..stay tuned for more exciting pots. I am back in the studio working on the ideas that filled my head since Xmess. I was even working today, while the weather was GORGEOUS!

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In case you may have wondered if I had fallen off of the planet, I just have been consumed with productivity in the studio.  This is the mad time of year, when people get all excited about purchasing handcrafted pottery made by yours truly.  I love this time of year!  Although, I always seem to come up with so many brilliant new ideas, and just not enough time to get them all done!  Then, I always seem to misplace the notebook where I jotted all of those ideas down.  In truth, there is a certain little person in the house who has taken to hoarding my little notebooks!  At this point, I know where all of his ‘secret’ hiding spaces are.

Come out and enjoy the show, and say Hello!

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