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If you have been following my 100 Strangers journey, you may have noticed that I have a tendency to brag about what a great community I live in. Here is another example of why I know this is true. I was recently awarded an arts bursary for me to pursue some early photographic techniques down in Rochester (I am so excited!). Fortunately, the local paper thought this was an important award and sent one of their journalists to hear the who, what, where and why….and to take my photo (gulp). The man for the job was Rob O’Flanagan. He came armed with his digital and I was at the ready with my trusty YashicaMat. Since my project is about combining clay and photography, I thought this was the perfect opportunity to get Rob to be in this current project. In addition to being a busy journalist, he is a painter sharing space with a local woman that I have known for many years in town. Rob has taken up wood working as well. It turns out that we know many of the same people in Guelph. I may have encouraged him to get back into film photography too………The photo that Rob took of me in my studio ended up being on the front cover of The Guelph Mercury. That was awesome and totally unexpected! I hope Rob likes his grainy film portrait!


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He is a blacksmith, comes from Oregon, is a member of the local hacker space and seemed to be enjoying the Hillside Festival. When I shook Cameron’s hand, I had a hard time believing he was a blacksmith because he didn’t have any callouses. Thanks Cameron for volunteering to help me finish this project! He was a man on a mission, not a lot of time for idle chit-chat. I hope he enjoyed his weekend.

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The last weekend in July at the Hillside Festival was where I met Chris. Chris has been part of Hillside for quite awhile. This year his role was one of the emcee’s for the stages. His wife is a volunteer too and they are both an important part of the army of volunteers that make this weekend run so well. I can’t remember the exact number of years that Chris has been working, but I seem to recall it is more than ten. He was a good sport to be a participant in my project. Chris was surprised that I was still shooting film. (Yes, I get that A LOT). I am just glad that I didn’t botch the roll and that all of my shots turned out. I think Holga and I finally have a good working relationship….

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One of my oldest friends invited me to a lobster dinner. A FRESH lobster dinner, so fresh that the creatures had arrived on a plane from Nova Scotia that afternoon after being plucked out of the ocean. My pal Peter, had his pal Tom (whom I had the pleasure of meeting a few years before) come for a visit. Traveling with Tom was his lovely friend, Karen. As you can see Karen is so excited for dinner that she can hardly contain her enthusiasm. Karen lives out on the west coast of Canada, in lovely Nanamio, British Columbia. It was such a pleaure to meet Karen and learn about her life and what she gets up to. I was also grateful that Karen was interested enough in the 100 Strangers project to be a participant. Tom and Karen had an amazing visit to the east coast, and we were lucky they decided to stop and visit friends in Burlington. Dinner by the way was delicious!

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Having finished watching Germany win the World Cup in July, I spotted this man. As you can see his bike is loaded with everything needed to cycle across this country. That’s right, Daniel is cycling across Canada to raise awareness about an organization he feels very strongly about. The organization is Not Forgotten International, whose aim is to help the displaced people in the Western Sahara. Daniel had attended a peace conference in November in Algeria. A dear friend of mine offered Daniel a place to stay for the night and a fridge full of food, but Daniel was determined to make his way to Burlington that night. I wish Daniel lots of luck on completing his journey and awareness campaign.

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100 Strangers Project #73 Shane Philips

While strolling around my local downtown, i fancied a lovely latte at the coffee shop Planet Bean. It just so happens that Planet Bean was selling my mugs and the mugs of two other local potters. I thought I might catch a photo of the promo poster outside. Sitting quite close to the window was this lovely photogenic man. I strode forward and asked him if he wouldn’t mind if I took his portrait for the 100 Strangers Project. He said he was fine with it as long as I didn’t spell his name incorrectly. You can’t see the t-shirt that he had on under his jacket, but it had his name promoting his music. Apparently, the t-shirt company misspelt his name by adding an extra l to Phillips. So he ended up with some free t-shirts. I asked Shane his style of music and described it as having social policital lyrics. He was soon to leave for a three week tour across the US, one of the highlights for him being playing the San Francisco Folk Festival. I was very impressed. I checked out some his music on the u-tube and his voice is just amazing! For fun, I asked Shane to guess which of the mugs from the poster was mine. He laughed and said that he would have to use his special ‘pyschic’ powers…he guessed the right one! Shane was a super nice guy and really has a lovely voice. I hope you will check him out at www.shanephilips.com Find out more about the project and see pictures taken by other photographers at www.100Strangers.com

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