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Bird Condos

Happy Spring! Spring has supposedly arrived. You wouldn’t know it today with the cold temperatures and the snow on the ground. I have left winter behind and the case of the flu it left with me. Thanks Old Man Winter, thanks for the three nights of no sleep and an aching body. I am done with you now and have moved on.

While I was surfing the net back in December, I discovered that fun thing called Pinterest. It reminded me of discovering the world wide web for the first time. So many things to look at and poke ‘pins’ into.  I did come across a picture of an old grannie teapot that had been turned into a birdhouse and it got me to thinking. Over ten years ago when I was a student of ceramics at Sheridan, I had made quite a collection of teapots. Some good and some not so much.  I realized that many of them were now cluttering up my shelves and collecting dust.  I didn’t want to get out the trusty hammer and condemn them to the landfill, so I lured my partner in crime to help me make these eazy-peazy birdhouses.

In Guelph, there is this great community workshop space called The Diyode, which my partner just so happens to be a board member of. We had all sorts of tools to make this job quick and painless. Not only that, there was free wood that was used for the bases. We didn’t get too technical or make them too precious, just something a passing nesting bird might want to raise a family in. These were gifts, free, no money exchanged. I have mentioned to people to scour their local charity shops to make their own and keep those old pots out of the landfill.

One of them has been installed down in Burlington. I am patiently waiting for the first occupant.

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