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Having finished watching Germany win the World Cup in July, I spotted this man. As you can see his bike is loaded with everything needed to cycle across this country. That’s right, Daniel is cycling across Canada to raise awareness about an organization he feels very strongly about. The organization is Not Forgotten International, whose aim is to help the displaced people in the Western Sahara. Daniel had attended a peace conference in November in Algeria. A dear friend of mine offered Daniel a place to stay for the night and a fridge full of food, but Daniel was determined to make his way to Burlington that night. I wish Daniel lots of luck on completing his journey and awareness campaign.


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At this year’s spring Christie’s Antique show I was a little more distracted by all of the sparkly things than usual. I had it in my mind to shoot at least 5 strangers to get me nearer the finish line. My pals and I were nearly finished walking the entire show and I admit I was getting a little bit tired of so much stuff. But out of the corner of my eye, I kept noticing this well dressed gentleman. At one point I was convinced I had gone down the same isle a few times because he seemed to be there again. We just so happened to be going at the same pace and the same direction. Eventually, I decided to approach him for the Project before I lost my nerve. Not only was he well dressed, he passed me his card and I noticed his impressive name and title. I’m not sure how to refer to him as he has been retired for 7 years. I asked what brought him to the antique show and he said that he was searching for old parfait glasses similar to the ones from Stoney Creek Dairies. The ones he used to enjoy milkshakes and ice cream in. I learned that he was a graduate from the Manitoba School of Art and he wanted to be an art teacher, but then he had a calling to the church. I said that was prpbably a wise decision as the life of an artist doesn’t always guarantee a proper income. With that, he was off to find his wife and carry on his search.

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