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Think Cool Thoughts, originally uploaded by BunnySafari.

We are having a heat wave!!! What a great way to celebrate the Solstice, don’t you think? My son has been asking ‘when does summer start’ for weeks. On the way to school this morning he mentioned how hot it was. I laughed and said ‘who couldn’t wait for summer?’ “Welcome to summer!” His reply? “Maybe I like winter best”…..

I am always tempted to dip my toes in this pond. Then I spotted a huge goldfish and quickly changed my mind. I would miss a toe or two.

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Photobooth Chics, originally uploaded by BunnySafari.

Have you ever thought how much fun you can have for $2? When was the last time you and a pal crammed into a photobooth and continued the madness? They say that laughter is the best medicine…..if that is true then my immune system must be just humming.

A gaggle of photographers from Guelph traveled like a gypsy caravan into the metropolis of Toronto to take in the Contact Photography festival. We were a motley mix. Three digital shooters vs three film shooters…… I may have shot 15 frames in total. One roll was an expired roll of Kodak 400, over twelve years old. Only the film fairies will know if I will get anything out of it. Should I try to develop it in Caffenol?

One of the highlights was visiting The Drake Hotel and dropping the toonies into the film Photobooth. I find it SO amusing.

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In my fourteen years as a potter, I wish I had a loonie for every single time somebody asked me “do you make this in blue?” Truth is, there are only a few things that are blue that I really like. Blue jeans for one.  The other being the Tuareg people of the Sahara and the brilliant colour of indigo that they wear. They are known as ‘the blue men of the desert’, because the indigo dye colours their skin. I brought back some indigo fabric from Mali and it is a true lovely blue. I digress.

One very persistent customer kept asking me to make a set of mugs and bowls in a blue glaze. I suggested a lovely jade green glaze instead. No. What about something funky and outrageous? No. Plain blue. Being a ‘business’ person, I made a batch of glaze and went to work. In the end the customer was thrilled and I kinda actually liked the blue colour. I wasn’t ‘mad’ at the blue colour, I have just seen one too many blue pieces of pottery in my life. Now, when I open the kiln and there are a few pieces that are glazed this blue it is a startling surprise compared to the green and white pots around it. It is a change from the ordinary in my world.

So here is the only pot that I have in the blue glaze at this very minute. That may change however.

Blues to you!


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I finally did it. I finally could not stand looking through my scratched glasses a moment longer. I booked an eye appointment. Hurray for me, because that has been on my list for at least a year. The glasses were so scratched that I just don’t wear them anymore. So if you are waving at me from a distance, chances are, I’m ignoring you. I may even be saying in my head “who is that crazy person waving at”…..don’t take that personally if you have in fact done that. The good news is despite abusing my glasses, my eyes have stayed the same, one eye has actually improved! I don’t need bifocals yet (one starts to worry after 40, err 39).

Today’s post is to show you that I still have a hand in the ceramics department. Mind you, I may smell more like film developer rather than clay these days. I am ready to get back into the studio and start throwing some pots. I have photographs that I have taken that I think would work well on new pieces. I have made two of these jars. The other one has a round handle on top, referencing a bicycle wheel. The colour of the piece is a porcelain white and the Holga photo of the bike is a lovely sepia. Which reminds me to actually attempt some sepia toning in the actual darkroom.

I managed to get my hands on a lovely new to me, Yashica Mat purchased from the estate sale of a serious camera collector out in Saskatchewan. The man had over 56 large boxes full of all types of film cameras. I ran a roll through it this week and boy is it ever sweet. If anyone is interested I have a list of what is still available in the collection. My cameras that I bought were in great condition considering their age.

Before I forget, the reason for the washed out Polaroid is because it is expired film. Funny how this is the ‘look’ that photoshoppers are after. Why waste time sitting on your bum when you can buy an old Polaroid Spectra for $3 and shoot a pack of ten real photographs. FYI, I bought the film on sale……


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Gnomes? Sprites?, originally uploaded by claygrl.

The aliens have landed…..I made a few for fun, to leave in the forest & out and about (there are two in Wales, one somewhere in London near the V&A). Then I started to make them bigger, then I spent one evening when I made a whole bunch. I was supposed to be making mugs, not little creatures that make me giggle. Now people have requested that I make them and they want to give me $$ in exchange! But of course!!!!!

Every single one is unique. I think I may make some more for fun tonight, between my mug making……

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The Mystical Colours of Stonehenge

No PS was involved in the recreating of this photograph. Fuji instant film, Arches 88 paper, a little bit of this and a little bit of that and voila! This photograph was taken when some mystery family was on holiday in the UK, in the 1950’s I suspect. I discovered a whole box of slides that were donated to a charity shop and rescued by me. More transfers to follow, every one different and original. I am so excited about this process!!!!!

By the way, this was taken when everyone was allowed to climb all over the stones……sadly way before my time.

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My Eyes Are As Sticky As the Keys, originally uploaded by claygrl.

This photograph was shot using a Hawkeye Brownie camera with a flipped lens. Yes, I managed to wiggle my way into the guts of the camera, clean the lens, flip it and put everything back together in the proper order. Love that unpredictable blur. I am from a generation who remembers learning my keyboard skills on a typewriter OLDER than this! I also love the sound of those keys thunking away and then the lovely “ding’ of the carriage return. Unfortunately the keys have gummed themselves up, but never mind, one day will get around to fixing it up.

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Transfer of Thoughts, originally uploaded by claygrl.

Back in the days when Polaroid film was available all over the place, I had heard of people doing Polaroid transfers, but had never seen one up close. Now that Polaroid no longer makes film, I finally discovered the process. Typical, really. But I did manage to get my mitts on some recently expired Polaroid film and much to my delight I can do my own Polaroid transfers!

No deep meaning in this photograph. I was just getting used to a colorpack camera and testing the watercolour paper to see what results I could come up with.

I thought I was quite clever with the title. “Transfer of Thoughts”. Fits with the whole transfer process that I am playing with….

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100 Strangers Project #38, originally uploaded by claygrl.

The people parade continued at the Hillside Festival. Hillside has become a great place to reconnect with people I haven’t seen for a year and usually hook up with at Hillside. One such person is the man on the left in the photo fondling one of my mugs. He is known on flickr as TheGiantVermin, and takes amazing shots of his dog Ryder. Tudor came into my booth with his friend on the right. I was immediately drawn to her lovely mehndi. I remember mentioning how I have thought about getting some mehndi designs permanently tattooed on me. Since I already have a tattoo, I am always thinking about the next one (when the planets line up in an auspicious manner). I said that I have an elephant and Keren said, “Me too!” and she pulled down her shirt and there it was! I didn’t look at the whole elephant but it looked pretty amazing. The colour of ink was pretty original too!

So I had to ask Keren if she would be one of my 100 Strangers and she was happy to. Then I whipped out my vintage Colourpack camera and took the photograph! I promised to mail her the original and now that I have posted it, she can expect it very soon.

This picture is #38 in my 100 strangers project. Find out more about the project and see pictures taken by other photographers at http://www.100Strangers.com

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100 Strangers Project #21 Sonia, originally uploaded by claygrl.

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